Out Loud Strategies is the creation of the husband and wife team of Bill and Catherine Faulkner. Both are experienced professionals in their given fields of endeavor. Please see below for their particular areas of expertise and do not hesitate to contact either one. 

Catherine Faulkner - 


Catherine is a die-hard Texas Longhorn fan who earned her degree from the University of Texas. Catherine is an experienced fund raiser. 

For inquires related to how to contract for her services, please contact Catherine directly at:


Our Mission:

Out Loud Strategies strives to be THE leadership and team development firm focused on emerging influencers and organizations, providing powerful, values-based lessons for NOW that produce leaders for LIFE!

Our Difference:

Far too often, corporate or educational trainers and speakers provide just a "one and done" experience. As a professional educator, I know that such approaches do not meet the needs of the client or their organization. Out Loud Strategies provides the following for each Training, Workshop, Mastermind, or Leadership Summit experience. 

  • Pre-Event Consultation - to customize the content for your specific group or training/development needs
  • Two Post-Event Consultations - to assist the client or organizer to reinforce and/or expand learning opportunities in the form of     30 and 60 day post-event "check ins" via phone/Skype/Hangout conference or in person if possible.
  • Post-Event "Staying in Learning" guide that the sponsor can use to follow up and, more importantly, follow through! This        guide includes Facilitator Questions that group or team members can use in meetings as well as fun ideas that will help reinforce    learning and development for the whole team. 

REMEMBER: Training events and seminars are great CATALYSTS, but genuine and sustained organizational change and improvement requires CONTINUAL focus and on incorporating new ideas, concepts, and practices that will maximize the return on the training investment. 

Dr. William (Bill) Faulkner - 

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Bill has spent over 20 years as a higher education administrator and leadership educator where he has lead his own teams of professionals and hundreds of student volunteers. During his career, he has created innovative leadership development programs, courses, and workshops and conducted many organizational development experiences for students, adult learners, and working professionals. Currently, he is the Principal Consultant for Out Loud Strategies which focuses on increasing the capacities of new and experienced leaders and helping organizations and enterprises thrive. Bill holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and earned both his Master's and Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia. 

It is his continuing life work and passion to create dynamic work and learning environments with the end result of providing Lessons for Now that produce Leaders for Life!

For inquires or to directly contact Bill, please email bill@outloudinc.com

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