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Leaders are amplified people. Due to the very nature of leadership roles and positions, our words and actions take on a higher profile and deeper significance. We have no other choice but to lead out loud! Such high visibility leadership requires that we constantly improve leadership talents and abilities to strengthen our platform and raise our leadership voice.

 Designed for the emerging influencer or leader seeking a more significant role, Leading Out Loud provides proven content, insightful questions, and new concepts designed to take your organizational and personal effectiveness to the next level.

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Intended as a companion piece to Leading Out Loud: Strategies for Raising Your Leadership Voice, this workbook can also act as a workshop resource or stand-alone mapping guide to formulate, articulate, and activate a leadership platform for both individuals and organizations!  The Do Out Loud Process will be the catalyst that will define and launch your ideas! Everyone has something to offer, a difference to make, and a life to change but only if they make the choice to Lead Out Loud and find their Leadership Voice! Inside you will find the following invaluable resources:

  • The Do Out Loud Process
  • Here to There Mapping
  • Action Item Templates

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