NEW for 2018!Developing the Leader Within You - 2.0 has been effectively revised and is ideal for training emerging influencers and leaders transitioning to critical roles.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Real success is not just communicating well, it is about connecting well. Principles and practices are shared that will help find common ground, inspire others to action, strengthen relationships, and lead more clearly. 

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

The moment we stop growing is the second we are no longer good at what we do! This curriculum will help participants understand what growth is and how to develop growth strategies to reach personal and professional goals.

TODAY Matters

Leadership develops DAILY, not in a day! Since our success is found in our daily agenda, learning and applying these 12 daily practices will provide the knowledge and disciplines that lead to both our personal success and that of those we lead. 

Leadership GOLD

Leadership and life lessons from the most recognized Thought Leader of our day on leadership and personal effectiveness! Insights on a variety of topics are shared that are immediately applicable to both your life and work. 

Becoming a Person of Influence

In order to become a more influential leader, you have to become a better one! Creating a positive impact on and for others requires us to live and lead in more selfless, authentic ways. How and where to do that is the focus of this work.

Put Your Dreams to the Test

Dreams come true but they don't come free! Based upon 10 key questions, this volume offers a step by step guide to help you define your dream, refine your intentions, and develop a strategy that will move your life dream to reality!

How to be a REAL Success

4 books in one! This work will allow you to excel in 4 critical leadership areas:

- Relationships

- Equipping

- Attitude

- Leadership

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn! 

Recently released, this guidebook helps us deal with the challenges and disappointments we face. This empowering content prompts us realize that the way we respond to failure determines our eventual success. Great insights are shared which will encourage, challenge, and motivate us through hard times. 

Intentional Living 

Live your life on purpose, for a purpose! This newer work by John will help you find your bigger "WHY" in terms of both life and career mission. Warning: This WILL change you!

Developing the Leaders Around You

Do you want employees or do you want leaders? How you answer that question will have huge impacts on your organization. Practical guidance is provided that will allow others to reach their potential; thus insuring organizational success. 

Learning Systems - 

Due to our association with the John Maxwell Team, we are certified to bring clients an unbelievable variety of the best content the John Maxwell Company has to offer. These "learning systems" are tied to John's best-selling books and can be delivered in full or abbreviated versions (with limitations on some titles) within many of the following formats:

  • Lunch & Learns
  • Group Trainings and Workshops (2, 4 & 6 hour formats)
  • Targeted and Content based Coaching
  • Mastermind Experiences