Based upon John Maxwell's content, Masterminds are more than book studies. They are deep dives in life changing content where participants learn, live, and then lead others to the concepts. See Learning Systems for specific titles. Duration = 6 - 10 weeks, meeting once a week in person or via ZOOM video conferencing. 

Group Initiatives and Team Building:

Building teams with some serious fun is a great way to promote group cohesion while teaching critical organizational skills. Time and initiatives vary according to needs. 

Are you Leading with Integrity? 

John Maxwell often says, "Talent gets you in the door but CHARACTER keeps you in the room!" Activating your personal values will pay huge leadership dividends with your team. 

Speak for IMPACT! - 

LEADING Out Loud means SPEAKING Out Loud. More than just a Public Speaking course. This experience will focus on how to effectively deliver YOUR Platform!

Here to There Mapping: 

This RESULTS proven, interactive workshop can involve the entire organization by visually mapping out WHERE you want to be and HOW you will collectively get there!

Leadership Summits - 

 Please see the Learning Systems tab for information related to workshops and experiences centered around incredible material from John Maxwell and his life enhancing content!

Masterminds - 

Keynotes - 

Workshops - 


Out Loud Strategies offers innovative and interactive Training and Development opportunities. These opportunities can be used as "stand alone" experiences or strategically combined for a full or multi-day organizational development catalyst event. 

Additional Content -  

The Leadership Summit is designed just for working professionals. This interactive, insightful and fun-filled experience focuses on personal effectiveness and team development. Offered in half-day or full day formats, a Leadership Summit will have your team energized and focused on their strengths that will help them reach new heights! 

Proven training templates are available but content can be customized to your organization's unique needs and setting. Please note: due to the active nature of this experience, certain facility requirements may apply. 

Moving from A to THE! - 

Are you the BEST at what you do?

Are you AHEAD of where you thought you would be? It's not you, it's about moving YOU FORWARD in this FUN and MOTIVATING presentation! 

Defining Organizational Values - 

It's been said that CULTURE eats VISION for lunch. Groups with CLEAR and distributed operating values have the advantage. 

Next Level Leadership - 

Our schools, communities, and businesses are in a leadership crises. Experiencing and Launching a Servant Leadership Culture will decrease toxic environments and increase engagement!

Leading Out Loud: Finding your Leadership Voice

Do you have a worthy aspiration? Is there some issue or purpose that you were designed for? The Leading Out Loud experience is designed to help participants identify their Leadership Platform and raise their leadership voice!

The Challenge-Side of Leadership 

What to do when leadership becomes tough!