NSU APha-ASP Chapter

"Dr. Faulkner has always been an amazing speaker; I was really inspired with this talk this year with the "A to THE"!! It brought a new outlook on myself personally and a different perspective on my professional career path as well, and what it really takes to be a "THE" instead of just an "A"! Really loved it. - Sose Tokatlian

Larkin University College of Pharmacy  

Dr. Faulkner was amazing! The activities were engaging and the content was really effective and informative.  Dr Faulkner went above and beyond in presenting the material. I definitely recommend we bring him back for next year's student leaders. 

NSU College of Pharmacy - SGA

Dr. William Faulkner exhibits profound speaking skills. He has notable stage presence, voice control, body language, delivery, and is in tune with his audience. He is friendly, confident, and enthusiastic while speaking and is always able to deliver a clear message to his audience. It was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Dr. William Faulkner and I know that his future projects will be just as rich and dynamic if not more. 

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St. Marks Leadership Council

Bill was excellent! He taught us things we needed to know in practical and easy-to-understand ways. He was engaging, challenging, and fun, and gave us a lot to think about. The content of the presentation was EXACTLY what we needed at this time in our organization's life. It was a thoroughly interesting, useful, and enjoyable presentation, and definitely one of the best I have attended.

Southern University Printing and Digital Media Conference 

Bill I got lots of great feedback from your presentation. For the duration of the conference the CARE reference often came up. Someone would say something and someone would reply, "Well of course you think that, you are an R!"

One person even emailed me during your session to tell me they thought I did a great job finding you.

The National Association of Wedding Professionals - Vice President 

Hi Bill, 

Thank YOU for coming out and speaking to our association. The minute you finished several board members approached me and said they would like to have you back for a full or half day event. It was truly a great presentation and a lot fun!

Phi Delta Chi - Professional Pharmacy Fraternity

The meeting was one of the most interesting by far with an ecstatic presenter and a change of pace where the air didn't feel as dense. This will help me develop as a leader by allowing me to become more aware of the different types of leaders and how they all work differently to get the same task/goal completed. 
It was more than I expected. 

What Beachbody Coaches had to say about the FREE 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind:

This teaching was so helpful and needed. I will pass on what I learned to others. I WILL live out loud...

I learned to stay focused on the vital steps for becoming an inspiring leader.

I learned more about myself. I also realized the importance of managing myself first before helping other people.

This experience helped me to be more self-aware. I can't do it alone. It takes a team and investing into others. That is so important.